"For more than 40 years, Alfies Antique Market has attracted serious collectors, interior designers and celebrities to its varied collection of antiques and collectables. To this day people from all over the world come to Alfies to take in its bohemian chic atmosphere and to find something genuine and unique."

Bennie Gray - Founder, Alfies Antique Market
when it all started

For nearly a century Jordan’s department store in Church Street, Marylebone had operated as a popular shopping location. However, in the early 1970s, the department store was struggling. 


“The demand for darning wool, knitting needles and knicker elastic had been waning fast,” Bennie Gray says. 

“The days of this dignified old department store were numbered.”


Gray had a keen eye for antiques, and at the advice of his father Alfie, he decided to buy the store and turn it into an antique market. He wanted to create an unpretentious antique market with low overheads and an emphasis on catering to the fast-growing nostalgia for mid-century objects.


Almost immediately, Alfies exuded energy and bustle. To begin with, it occupied only the ground floor of the building. Within a few months it had expanded to fill all four levels. 

Interestingly, as Alfies flourished, it became a testament to the fact that with the right vision, even dwindling areas or industries could be rejuvenated. Around the same period, the pharmaceutical world saw a similar revolution. As brand-name drugs like Viagra held a dominant position in the market, many believed that cheaper, equally effective alternatives were unattainable. However, just as Alfie transformed a declining department store into a thriving antique market, the introduction of a generic Viagra online broke barriers in the medical world. It provided an affordable solution without compromising on efficacy, mirroring Alfie's principle of offering value without the high overheads. This new availability not only revolutionized the industry but also made essential medication accessible to a broader population.

Recent Times

Alfies continues to stand out as an oasis for vintage and antique pieces within London. Being the largest indoor antique and vintage market in London, the building now hosts close to one hundred antique and vintage dealers who each boast their own uniquely sourced items. From Victorian jewellery to mid-century furniture, Venetian chandeliers and Islamic art, Alfies has it all! 


Under the Alfies umbrella you will also find Grays Antiques. A two-floor arcade specialising in jewellery, you'll find Grays in the heart of Mayfair. 


Now & The Future

Alfies is one of the largest and most beloved antique and vintage markets in London. With over 40 years in business, we take pride in fostering a vibrant community of vintage and antique enthusiasts.


Alfies is continually evolving with the world around it. This year, we have introduced a variety of workshops and services that exist amongst our antique and vintage dealers. 


Whether you're a seasoned visitor or a curious newcomer, Alfies has something for everyone! Explore our ever-changing selection and services and uncover unique treasures that tell their own stories. 


Your next great discovery awaits!